PEX Repiping

You may be surprised to know that PEX plumbing systems are installed more often in new home construction than copper and CPVC systems combined. This is because PEX is more durable, more reliable and a cleaner option for a home’s plumbing system.

PEX is an acronym for crosslinked polyethylene. PEX is a flexible, durable, proven piping product that has been used in plumbing systems for more than 20 years. It won’t pit, scale or corrode.

Our Repipe Specialists use Uponor plumbing systems feature PEX-a tubing, which is considered the superior PEX tubing manufacturing method in the industry. PEX-a is the most flexible of all PEX types.  Its shape and thermal memory allows the use of ProPEX® expansion fittings which are the only fitting system that actually gets stronger over time – making it highly leak resistant.

PEX tubing
  • Flexible for fewer fittings, reduced leak-point liability

  • Resists corrosion, pitting and scaling

  • Retains more heat in hot-water lines

  • Resists condensation on cold-water lines

  • Expands up to 3X its diameter to help resist freeze damage

  • Connections do not require the use of dangerous chemicals or solvents

  • Offers a complete lead-free system from inlet to faucet

  • NSF International certification for water purity

  • Backed by a 25-year limited warranty on PEX tubing and ProPEX fittings

Houston Home Pros Repipe Specialist only use the best PEX materials, uponor's lead-free plumbing system from inlet to faucet, providing you and your family a safe, clean and healthy system for transporting water.

Our repipe specialists plumbing systems do not use torches, glues, chemicals or solvents like traditional copper and CPVC systems,  keeping dangerous chemicals out of our plumbing systems and groundwater. 

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