Why is my water brown or rusty colored?

Clean water is crystal clear. If your water is any color other than clear, there are contaminates in it. So why are you experiencing brown-colored water from your faucets? This is too common a complaint from Houston area homeowners. But why? And how much cause of concern should it be? How do you fix the plumbing problem permanently?

Too much iron and/or manganese in water causes it to turn brown. So, if you turn on the faucets to find brown-colored water flowing from it, the water system in your house has been contaminated with one or both of these metals. Iron occurs naturally in soil so it is not uncommon for it to make its way into your water supply line. This is especially true if you receive your supply of water from an underground well.

The more common cause of brown-colored water in your home is a rusty pipe. Running water through a rusty pipe tends to loosen the rust that had been clinging to the inner walls of the pipe. This rust then comes in contact with the water flowing through the pipe and turns it a brown, rusty color. As galvanized pipes age, the galvanic coat of the pipe peels off from the inside of water supply line or the layer of magnesium over an anode rod wears off and exposes the layer of iron underneath. Water turns a little brown when it comes in contact with iron.

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