Professional PEX repiping services at competitive prices. 20-30% less than a traditional plumbing company!

Is your home over 20 years old? You could have undetected damaged, corroded or leaky pipes that could cause increasingly costly problems for you as time goes on. Galvanized metal and low-quality copper pipes deteriorate quickly. Polybutelene pipes weren't made to last and could cause sudden water damage.


  • Low Water Pressure?
  • Discolored Water (Rusty)?
  • Pipe Leaks?
  • Corroded Pipes?
  • Do you currently have old Galvanized or Polybutylene Pipes?

It may be time for a REPIPE. Fix these problems today with a whole house repipe. 

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What does it mean to repipe with Houston Home PEX Repiping Pros?

Our hand picked repipe experts specialize in providing the highest quality whole house PEX repipe. Our repipe specialists in Houston and surrounding areas use the best materials available and provide excellent service. You get experiencd plumbers and technicians. The work can usually be completed in one day. If your home takes more time, you will have water every evening. All of the work is warrantied

These plumbing problems do not get better on their own. They are guaranteed to get worse. Repairing the damage caused by these signs, can be costly.Once you know there is an issue, the best solution is to fix them permanently before they cause serious damage to your home and your pocket book. Houston's Repiping Pros have the solution. Don’t wait until you have a major problem, call today! We serve Houston, Conroe, The Woodlands, Spring, Katy, Baytown, Deer Park, Baytown, Sugarland, and surrounding areas.

Our specialist only use high quality PEX for your repipe. PEX is the more affordable and contemporary option for repiping. Our inspections and estimates include at no charge a complete appraisal of what is best for your home, and why. All of your questions will be answered so that you fully understand and can make an informed decision.

Why Repipe Now?

    • piping problems don't resolve themselves, they get worse and can cause a lot of costly damage if left unchecked
    • modern technology (PEX) is more desirable at resale than old galvanized pipes that are 'holding up for now'
    • no more rusty or discolored drinking water
    • no more stained clothing
    • stop getting scaled in the shower when the toilet is flushed or someone started the washer
    • stop asking permission to take a shower
    • use multiple fixtures without losing pressure

Repiping can eliminate many home plumbing problems. Galvanized pipe corrosion, rusting pipes, copper pipe corrosion, pipe leaks, rusty water, brown water and low water pressure are all signs your home is in need of a repipe.

We perform repipes or pipe replacement to avoid costly damage to your home. No matter if you need to replace copper pipes or replace galvanized pipes, we can recommend either PEX (cross linked polyethylene pipe) or copper for your repipe.

PEX installation is the quickest and cleanest method for repiping. We only use uponor PEX to repipe.